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The institute offers its own ultrasound diagnostics. Ultrasound diagnosis of tendons, joints, and nerves and blood vessels has become widespread in recent years. The quality of devices is very good today, and ensures a quick and precise diagnosis. Ultrasound is also useful for seeing the needle inside the body during acupuncture or during injections. You then ensure that you hit exactly the structure you want.

In recent years, more people in Norway have started doing this, because the equipment has become better and more affordable, and training has become more available. Ultrasound examinations of muscles and joints are carried out at certain x-ray departments in hospitals, at rheumatology departments, as well as in some private clinics by manual therapists, physiotherapists or doctors. There are still far too few who offer this diagnostic in Norway, but the situation is changing.

Ultrasound is used to more precisely diagnose injuries to tendons/muscles, minor fractures, circulatory disorders, inflammation (inflammation of tendons in joints), ligament injuries, calcifications near joints and tendon attachments and more.  Ultrasound is today as precise as  as MRI for soft tissue diagnostics of shoulder, knee and Achilles, while in other cases you see more/different things with MRI, CT or X-ray. Ultrasound cannot see through bones, and therefore cannot be used to check for disc herniation or cruciate ligament damage. Bands outside the joints, in the knee or ankle, are, however, fine to examine with ultrasound.

A new exciting area is also the diagnosis and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome (narrowing of a nerve down the hand) with ultrasound. Ultrasound is the only diagnostic imaging that can view the tissue in motion. This can sometimes reveal conditions that would otherwise be difficult to find. Ultrasound diagnosis of musculoskeletal and rheumatic diseases is also growing strongly, and is a very important method for this group of diseases. the inflammation damages the joints. The ultrasound examination is completely painless, and with no known side effects.

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