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Physiotherapy is a clinical activity carried out by professionals with public authorization and expertise in the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. We have knowledge of the body (anatomy, physiology, neurology etc.) and its needs and possibilities for movement.

At the first consultation, a medical history is reviewed and the physiotherapist carries out a functional examination, which creates the basis for further follow-up. An initial consultation usually lasts 60 minutes.

Our objective is to create change and good movement to relieve pain and maintain or improve functional capacity.

The treatment can consist of change-focused conversations, exercises and various treatment techniques.
We accept patients with and without a referral from a doctor.


Sports injuries

Stress disorders

Pre- and post-operative treatment

Pelvic solution



Neurological disorders

Rheumatic disorders

The purpose of a workplace assessment is to survey ergonomic conditions in the workplace. The assessment is carried out by a physiotherapist/manual therapist/chiropractor with good expertise in the risk conditions in a workplace, which can lead to strain problems in the musculoskeletal system in the short or long term.

The assignment may include a functional examination and a visit to the workplace to assess possible facilitation measures that may lead to the full or partial resumption of work or prevent sickness absence.

We can carry out mapping and adaptation of work equipment, workplaces and working positions, as well as come up with proposals for measures and improvements. We can also offer various tests in fitness and muscle strength. Offer the company guidance on individual training programs and/or group exercise.

Contact us if you would like a chat about how you can maintain or improve the working environment at your workplace.


- Who can initiate the workplace assessment?

Anyone can take the initiative for the workplace assessment – the employee himself, the employer, treating physiotherapist, doctor or NAV in their follow-up of the sick person. The scheme is a voluntary scheme and assumes that the person on sick leave is interested.

The aim of a workplace assessment will be to map what the individual is able to do, as well as look at what needs to be done to prevent sick leave or to get the employee back to work. So a workplace assessment will clearly be of great use for sick leave work in your company!


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